Unity Barbershop

Welcome to Unity Barbershop’s Services page – your gateway to exceptional grooming experiences. Our wide range of services is designed to cater to every grooming need and preference. We offer everything from the basics like haircuts and beard trims to luxury experiences like our King Service, all performed by our skilled barbers who are masters of their craft.



  • King service

    The King Service Includes a hair wash, Any style haircut. Beard clean up, hot towel shave/outline with a blade. Black mask to cleanse the face. And then blow dry and style.
  • Haircut

    Any style haircut including blow dry and style. Line up finish with blade (optional).
  • Haircut with a beard

    Any style haircut including blow-dry and style. Beard line-up (top of beard lined with blade, bottom lined with trimmer and neck shaved with electric razor) then styled.
  • Kids Haircut (12 years and under)

    Any style haircut including blow-dry and style. Please be advised that designs are an additional charge.
  • Beard Clean up

    Beard blending/trimming plus Line-up (Top of beard lined with Blade, bottom lined with trimmer and neck shaved with electric razor).
  • Line up

    Hairline Line-up/edge up no beard work included (Hairline lined wit blade).
  • Hot Towel

    Fresh hot towel before razor shave for relaxing comfortable shave.
  • Head shave

    Head shave using a trimmer and close shaver for a smooth clean look.
  • Hair wash

    Hair wash thoroughly using shampoo and conditioner.
  • Beard/outline enhancement

    Beard/outline enhancement for extra sharp and defined look catered for special events.
  • Eyebrows

    Eyebrow trim and line up with blade for great definition and look.
  • Wax

    Wax hair removal for facial hair, ears, and nose.
  • Black mask

    Facial mask to exfoliate and rejuvenate to cleanse the skin and allow it to glow.
  • Designs

    $5 and up
    Let us know what you are looking for!

Each service is tailored to meet your individual needs, providing you with a unique and personalized experience. Whether you’re preparing for a special event, in need of a routine trim, or looking to transform your look, our skilled team is ready to deliver.

At Unity Barbershop, we are committed to making every visit a memorable one. Our exceptional service, relaxing atmosphere, and commitment to detail ensure you leave our barbershop feeling confident and looking your best. Browse through our services and book your appointment today. We look forward to serving you